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Learn from Ontario's most inspiring & hard working entrepreneurs The GG Sisters. These two sisters are the creators of Canada's one and only Spa franchise for KIDS with several locations in Ontario . These two sisters are the gurus behind this unique one of a kind concept. Sharing everything they have learned and continue to learn on their 13 year journey of being entrepreneurs. Their online and in person workshops, tutorials and community will get you ready to level up your business and set you apart from the rest. 

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The GG Sisters host in person workshops throughout Ontario with only 25 entrepreneurs per workshop. Check here to apply to their next workshop. Their workshops are intimate, and really give that one on one feeling and attention. 

Online tutorials

From a mobile business, to a brick and mortar store to franchising and opening multiple locations. These sisters have gained a ton of knowledge and they want to share it with you. From tutorials on social media , employee engagement, customer service excellence, these sisters will guide you every step of the way.

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Once you meet The GG Sisters either online or offline, you know right away these two actually care about what they do and who they inspire. Their down to earth and humble personalities will make you feel like they are the sisters you never had. Join a community of like minded and humble entrepreneurs, genuinely helping one another and wanting to see each other succeed.


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